Implementing Lean and Agile Practices within Your Organisation 

Lean and Agile: Approach for Modern Business

While the concept of Agile is getting a lot of buzz at the moment, it is more than a fad. Organisations in various industries – from manufacturing to IT to healthcare – are all utilising Agile methods to gain traction and competitive advantage. But, is Agile right for you? Or, more specifically is your organisation ready for Agile philosophy and complementary practices? As you consider Agile training, it’s important to understand what Agile is and what it isn’t.

Agile is:

  • A philosophy
  • A mindset
  • Training that will alter how everyone in your organisation will conduct themselves

Agile is not:

  • A system
  • A process
  • A quick fix

Organisations that have embraced an Agile mindset are equipped to face and deal with an increasing number of challenges thrown at them in today’s fast-paced environment. They are adaptable, they have team members who own their work and can communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively. They work in an organisation where alignment is high, allowing them to pivot quickly to take advantage of change instead of being disrupted by it.

While the term “Sprint” is common within the methods, Agile itself is a marathon. So, as you evaluate Agile, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you prepared to run the marathon?
  • Are you ready to change the way you operate?
  • Is your organisation ready to be self-empowered and adaptable?
  • Are you prepared for the change management efforts that will need to accompany your Agile journey to maximise adoption and minimise the risk to current commitments?