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Our membership packages are designed to develop great project leaders through sustained learning and transformative behaviour change.

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Unlimited annual learning subscription for individuals

IN Essentials TE CTA

Unlimited annual learning subscription, personalised for teams of 15 or more

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IN Insider CTA

Single course annual subscription for individuals

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IN Essentials CTA

Unlimited annual learning subscription for teams


-Team Experience-
SELF Assessment
Diagnostic tool to assess individuals in 4 domains: strategy, work, people, and self. Takes less than 15 minutes for an individual to complete; resulting report will show an individual where they are weak or strong.
Certification Options
Courses completed may qualify towards certificate programmes and earning certification from world-renowned universities.
Digital Coach
When a learner hits certain benchmarks, notification emails with reinforcement tools and course refreshers are trigged to help them stay on track.
Microlearning Objects
Built around most common jobs-to-be-done, microlearning objects include expert videos, animations, infographics, assessments, and articles to help learners digest relevant information quickly.
Jobs-To-Be-Done Paths
Access a variety of microlearning objects organized around the most common jobs people need to get done in the project space.
Reinforcement Tools and Templates
As experts in project-based work, we have developed tools and resources to help projects leaders do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.
Quarterly Expert Webinars
Member-only webinars designed to bring hot topics and expert discussions right to your learners.
Multi-Modality Course Library
Access to our full library of ILT, VILT, and eLearning courses and learning resources.
Access to 1 Free eLearning
5% off courses during
12 month period
Expertly Designed Learning Journeys
Pre-designed, and curated journeys around 4 main topic areas: Adaptive Strategic Execution, Project Management, Business Analysis, Lean & Agile
Implementation Consultant
Dedicated account consultant committed to the success of your implementation. Learn More
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Journey Coach
Dedicated facilitator and coach working with a specific cohort through a particular course in their learning journey.
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Tailored Learning Journeys
Learning paths specifically tailored to a team’s unique challenges, skill gaps, business context, and need.
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Private Communities of Practice
A collaborative team experience – including peer-to-peer knowledge exchange through the creation of groups that share information after the classroom experiences.
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Custom Branding
To personalise your learning experience and deliver a smooth integration, we offer the ability to tailor our platform with your branding.
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What Customers Are Saying





“It is very easy to take a course online or in a classroom and then forget it as soon as you walk out the door. The critical piece is adopting a model that reinforces learning with coaching and timed reminders. This new way of learning is promising; it’s the way that I would like to deploy training.”

“Nobody does one job anymore. People need to start learning adaptive skills and be more creative in how they get work done. In the past, you could hide in a technical career, but in this complex work environment, you can’t anymore.”

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