Programme Management

Learn The Right Business and Leadership Skills as a Programme Manager

Projects are the lifeline of strategy, and getting the right projects done allows organisations to realise their larger business goals. Programme managers need to be equipped to run multiple projects, while also making quick and informed decisions about which projects to undertake – or abandon – to ensure alignment to strategic outcomes. Identifying and managing risk at the individual project level, as well as the programme level, is also essential to success.

Strategy Execution's programme management training helps programme managers at all levels develop the project management, communication, and leadership skills needed to focus on high-level, strategic business goals. 

Our curriculum includes programme management courses that support PMI’s Standard for Programme Management knowledge areas as well as other key business and leadership skills that are critical to successful programme management.

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  • Programme Management

    Programme management is all about managing programmes to maximise benefits realisation, while ensuring that programmes (and their components) align with organisational strategy and overall strategic objectives. Whether new to the field or a seasoned practitioner, this course offers a hands-on approach to programme management.

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  • Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects

    Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects demonstrates a proven process to project recovery. You’ll get everything you need (process, tools, techniques) to perform a rapid assessment of a project in trouble, develop a recovery plan and manage the transition to stabilisation.

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  • Leading Complex Projects

    Projects sometimes appear too complex to handle - trying to identify the multitude of variables to be managed, let alone anticipating how they might interact to create unexpected challenges, can be overwhelming. Leading a complex project requires a new way of thinking—a new approach to applying known project management techniques and tools, with a clear understanding of the variables involved, in order to move forward. This course provides an innovative approach to assess project complexity in order to develop a plan that provides the right level of control and deploy the best techniques and flexibility for success.

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  • Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy

    Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy gives you an in-depth analysis of the process leading from business strategy formation to portfolio development to the project and project manager’s role. Learn how to link your project to the business strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the project strategy, and manage the expectations and interests of those who have a stake in the project outcome. Thought-provoking discussions and stimulating exercises highlight this dynamic, timely course.

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