eTraining FAQs 

What is e-Training like?

e-Training delivers the same high-quality content as our classroom courses. Through online message baords and emails you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your instructor and other course participants. 

Interactive, with real-life case studies, your coursework will be placed online for you to download (in an e-format) whenever it’s convenient. Once you have done this, you have 42 days to complete the course. On average a course takes 30 hours to complete.

Through case studies and exercises you will be required to solve a series of project management challenges in each lesson. There will be a final exam on the subject which will determine your success in conjunction with the case studies and exercises you complete in class.

Will I receive a course completion certificate?

A certificate is sent to participants who complete all course requirements within the required six-week course period. You will receive your certificate within four to six weeks after successfully completing the course.

Who should I contact if I don't receive a completion certificate?

Certificates are delivered within four to six weeks after successfully completing the course. Contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email for more information.

Are course materials sent to me as part of my course?

Most of the materials participants need for our e-Training courses are provided online as part of the courseware. However, some courses require supplemental material that is only available in printed format. After registering for a course, check the syllabus to see if you should receive any supplemental material.

If my course requires supplemental materials, when will I receive them?

If applicable to your specific course, supplemental material will be delivered to you by your indicated start date and may take between five to ten business days to arrive, depending upon your location. International shipments may take as long as two weeks depending upon customs. You will receive an e-mail notification once your materials have been shipped that includes method of shipment and a tracking number. You may also receive some supplemental digital materials, depending on the course.

If my course requires supplemental materials, should I wait to receive them before beginning the course?

No. You can access the lessons and complete many of the assignments online while waiting to receive any supplemental materials.

What kind of hardware and software do I need to access Adobe© Flash™-based e-Training courses?

Students will need an internet connection as well as 32MB of RAM in order to take our Adobe®Flash™ based courses. The required Adobe®Flash™ Player and Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 5.0 usually come pre-loaded with most computers, but are free and easy to download if necessary.

Our Adobe®Flash™-based e-Training courses allow participants to interact with the instructor by submitting assignments, posting responses in the online discussion area and asking questions by e-mail. In return, students receive effective and personalised instructor feedback within 24 hours.

How do e-Training courses facilitate collaboration between participants?

In our e-Training courses, participants form collaborative online learning communities through an online bulletin board. This threaded discussion allows participants to discuss a topic, without having to be online simultaneously. In some courses, participants work together in small teams to produce project deliverables.

Which course should I take first?

There are no prerequisites, but we recommend that participants start with our foundational courses first.

When are the courses available?

Registered participants may access our instructor-facilitated, interactive, web-based training 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are e-Training courses like?

Our e-Training courses provide extensive content resources and numerous assessment opportunities within the context of fictional, but realistic, case studies. The instructor is always accessible for questions through e-mail and individual assignments receive instructor feedback. Our e-Training courses also offer online peer-to-peer discussion opportunities.

How do I log in to my course after I receive course access?

You will receive an e-mail message from Strategy Execution providing detailed access instructions.

How much time do I have to complete an e-Training course?

Once your registration has been approved and course access has been granted, you have 42 calendar days from your chosen start date to complete all course requirements.  The access period includes weekends and holidays. It typically takes about 30 hours to complete an e-Training course. Beyond a 42-day time frame, the course instructor has a discretionary period of up to 28 days to grant you an extension. After 70 days of course access, you will be withdrawn from the course.

How many hours of coursework can I expect?

On average, it takes about 30 hours of focused effort to complete one of our courses. Time spent completing an e-Training course is similar to that of the classroom courses, but is conducted at your own pace. Depending on experience, many participants complete courses in significantly less time.

What if I fail the final exam?

You must pass the final exam to receive course credit. If you fail the final exam, you will have an opportunity to retake the exam once, up until the day that your course access expires.

What must I do to receive course credit?

Each of our e-Training courses has a slightly different set of requirements for course completion - but may include a self-assessment, assignments, online problems and discussion questions and a final exam.

What should I expect as a participant in an e-Training course?

All of our e-Training courses, except the exam preparation courses, have a threaded case study, including exercises and review questions to test participants’ knowledge and apply key concepts throughout the course. Each lesson presents a portion of the case study, a set of resources and a problem. Participants use the resources provided to solve the problem. Completion of all online activities, including threaded discussion contributions, is required for course credit.

How can I obtain a copy of a receipt for course payment?

Contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email Please include your first and last name, company (if applicable), course name, and fax number to receive your request.

What are the payment guidelines for registration?

We accept credit cards or purchase orders as payment for e-Training courses. Accepted credit cards include: American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Master Card and Visa.

What is your refund policy?

We must receive notice of cancellations within seven calendar days of enrollment to issue refunds. No refunds are granted after the first seven calendar days of enrollment.  Strategy Execution charges an administrative fee of 10% of the list price for refunds.

Can I apply e-Training and classroom courses toward an Associate's or Master's Certificate in Project Management?

Yes, you can apply any qualifying course toward an Associate's or Master's Certificate, awarded jointly between Strategy Execution and The George Washington University, whether it's an e-Training or classroom course. 

Can I apply only e-Training courses toward an Associate's or Master's Certificate in Project Management?

Yes, our e-Training offers all of the core courses required for the Associate's and Master's Certificates in Project Management, awarded jointly between Strategy Execution and The George Washington University.

Can I pursue a Master's Certificate in IT Project Management through e-Training?

Our e-Training courses can be taken as elective courses toward the Master's Certificate in IT Project Management.

How do I obtain a transcript showing my training history?

If you would like a transcript showing your training history, including, pass/fail grade, course title, date and CEUs earned, contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email

How do I get a transcript for my university that shows the ACE credits I've earned?

Some courses qualify for ACE Credit – contact our Contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email If you are pursuing a college degree and would like academic credit recognition for your Strategy Execution courses, you must obtain your official transcript denoting ACE credits from the ACE Council on Education (ACE/CREDIT) College Credit Recommendation Service student registry.

I need help selecting courses. Are there course advisors at Strategy Execution?

Yes, our course advisors are available to help you determine a strategy for specific career training or the appropriate course sequence to meet your needs. To arrange to speak to a course advisor,  contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email

Will I earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) for e-Training courses?

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training awards CEUs for each of our e-Training courses. To earn CEUs, you must complete all course requirements and pass the final exam (where applicable).

Will I earn professional development units (PDUs) for e-Training courses?

 Yes, Strategy Execution e-Training courses have PDUs associated with them. Please see the particular course page for specific PDU information about that course.

How long does it take after I register to gain access to the course?

You will receive access to the course within one business day of your indicated start date.

How will I know when I have access to the course?

You will receive a new student e-mail message at the e-mail address you provided during registration, to confirm that your course "clock" has begun.

I've registered but I don't have access. Why?

You should receive access to the course within one business day of your indicated start date. If you do not receive access within this time period, you may not have completed the registration process successfully. Upon completing registration, you must click the complete registration button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation screen will then pop up thanking you for your order. Or, you may be taking the programme through your company and your company has requested that its employees receive company approval before accessing courses online. If you need assistance,  contact our customer service team o +91 9980993385 or email

I forgot my password. How do I find out what it is?

You can  contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email between 9am and 5pm. You can also call our technical support line based in the US on +1 (800) 352-8459 or +1 (703) 558-4450. A technician answers the phone from 6am to 12 midnight United States Eastern Time on business days. During other hours, a technician calls back within 30 minutes.

Who should I contact if I have technical questions or have problems accessing courses?

You can  contact our customer service team on +91 9980993385 or email between 9am and 5pm. You can also call our technical support line based in the US on +1 (800) 352-8459 or +1 (703) 558-4450. A technician answers the phone from 6am to 12 midnight United States Eastern Time on business days. During other hours, a technician calls back within 30 minutes.Technical Note: our e-mail server does not accept compressed ("zipped") file attachments. Any compressed files sent to instructors will be removed from the e-mail body. This should not be an issue, given the size of files that are required.