Important Information for Delegates 

Registration for e-Training Courses:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information on the course you have registered and course fees. A Strategy Execution representative will be contacting you about your registration shortly after you have received the confirmation e-mail. Receipt of confirmation e-mail only will not be considered as registration confirmation.

Course Fees: 

All of our e-Training courses revolve around course-specific case studies that are woven throughout the lessons in the course. Each lesson presents a portion of the case study, a set of resources, and a problem. Participants use the resources provided to solve the problem. Submission of assignments and participation in online discussions is also required.

What to Expect in an e-Training class:

Once your registration has been approved and course access has been granted,

  • You have 42 calendar days from your chosen start date to complete all course requirements. The access period includes weekends and holidays.
  • Beyond a 42-day time frame, the course instructor has a discretionary period of up to 28 days to grant you an extension.
  • After 70 days of course access, you will be withdrawn from the course.

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