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Open Enrolment Courses in India

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Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education’s Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme is delivered on the Duke University campus, offering leaders an opportunity to immerse themselves in the skills they need to better execute the strategic projects that drive their companies forward. The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme focuses explicitly on building leaders who can master the essentials and navigate increased complexity through the three domains that influence and define how work gets done: STRATEGY, WORK, and PEOPLE.

Experience the ASEP On Campus difference, 

We invite you to join us in our India Open Enrolment where you can: 

  • Build valuable skills that will elevate your performance and impact your organisation 
  • Learn from top trainers certified by Duke University's world-renowned Fuqua School of Business
  • Network with fellow professionals  
  • Workshop challenges and opportunities alongside peers facing similar issues 
  • Retreat from your routine and gain a fresh, new perspective to re-energise your work
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Why you should join? 

  1. Access to the ASEP alumni and instructors for knowledge sharing and networking
  2. A medium for broadening your mindset, toolset and skillset , to engage with fellow practitioners facing real life issues and challenges in today’s VUCA world
  3. An opportunity to give back, in terms of experience and insights

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Upcoming 2019 Open ENROLLMENT Courses : 

Making Sense of Complexity

  • INDIA:  19 JUNE - 21 JUNE 2019

Making Sense of Complexity focuses on the very nature of our working contexts today, arguing that the work we do is more complex than ever and that this complexity demands new approaches. Participants will learn how to recognise, diagnose and respond appropriately to complex environments and situations in a highly interactive course setting. The course serves as an introduction and touch point to the rest of the courses in the programme.  Learn more about the course!

For registration interests, please contact us by email at or phone +91 98200 71798.

Aligning Work with Strategy

  • INDIA: 26 JUNE - 28 JUNE 2019

Aligning Work With Strategy provides participants with the necessary mindset in order to think and act strategically as they lead and execute work in their organisations. Attendees focus on the mutually supportive skills of translating the larger organisational strategy to their own work and building their own strategies for executing this work. Additionally, participants learn the importance of having a strategic frame of reference that maintains alignment of strategy within the critical domains of work and people to enable effective execution. Learn more about the course!

For registration interests, please contact us by email at or phone +91 98200 71798.

* Terms & Conditions apply. 

  • The duration for each open enrolment course listed on this page is 2.5 days.
  • This is a residential workshop with limited seats. Information on logistical details to be shared upon confirmation.
  • This course does not require any prerequisite certification.
  • Seat(s) will be confirmed upon receipt of payment in full.


For more information about our ASEP open enrolment courses and pricing, simply contact us via,
Phone: +91 98200 71798