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Developing Agile Requirements
You will learn to:
  • Compare and contrast traditional and Agile methods, roles, and responsibilities
  • Plan a process for gathering requirements at multiple levels
  • Create visions for projects, user roles, and requirements
  • Elicit and break down Agile project requirements
  • Prioritise Agile project requirements
  • Elaborate on and test requirements
  • Manage requirements change
Course Synopsis:

One of the leading causes of project failure is unclear or undefined requirements. It is pertinent for everyone associated with projects to understand how to gather requirements to ensure a successful project outcome.

This course focuses on the process of requirements gathering in an Agile environment as well as providing you the tools and techniques to record, collect and organise critical information. You will cover visual modelling and tips on how to engage stakeholders. You will understand how to differentiate the levels of requirements and how to gather the right level at the right time. This course is designed to be interactive. Participants will practice how to truly read into the full extent of what stakeholders are saying, so no requirements are overlooked.

Large requirements or too many requirements can also hinder a project’s realisation. You will learn how to break down hefty requirements and prioritise so no essential requirements are missed.
No project can succeed without properly defined and prioritised requirements. Be sure you know how to gather and manage this vital part of the project process.

Course Topics:

Overview of Agile
  • Agile manifesto
  • Agile principles
  • Agile roles
  • Why use Agile?
  • Benefits of Agile
A Day in the Life of An Agile Team
  • The project lifecycle
  • Release planning
  • The iteration process
  • Story points
  • Velocity and points
  • Iteration planning
  • Collaboration
  • Visible tracking
Planning for Requirements Gathering
  • Agile requirements characteristics
  • Agile requirements principles
  • Agile requirements elicitation techniques
  • The levels of requirements
  • Creating a vision statement
  • Conditions of satisfaction
  • User roles
  • Personas
  • Requirements visioning
  • >Backlog management
Requirements Brainstorming and Breakdown
  • Requirements brainstorming techniques
  • >Nonfunctional requirements
  • Proof of concept requirements
  • Requirements breakdown
Requirements Prioritisation
  • Levels of prioritisation
  • Building a product roadmap
  • Using value buckets
  • Release prioritisation
  • Dependency prioritisation
Requirements Deep-Dive and Testing
  • Story details
  • Acceptance tests
  • Types of tests
  • Role of the tester
Requirements Change Management
  • Managing change
  • Tracking scope changes visibly
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